Monster Vault Under-the-Bed Safe

Posted: April 03, 2017
Monster Vault Under-the-Bed Safe
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Why does a monster under the bed have to be scary or out to get you? Why can't it be there to keep you safe. Or, in the case of the Monster Vault, to be a safe? The Monster Vault is a slim under-the-bed safe for storing jewelry, cash, and other valuables, and securing firearms.

The watchful eyes of the Monster Vault front a 3 cubic foot capacity drawer that slides open when unlocked, leaving the rest of the 140-pound safe in place under your bed (or in the trunk of your SUV.) The lock is a digital combination model you can program with a 3- to 8-digit code.

The Monster Vault is made of "cold rolled" steel and measures 48" wide x 7" tall x 28" deep.

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