Mighty Handle Carrier

Posted: May 29, 2015
Mighty Handle Carrier
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The fact that Mighty Handle-rs are probably making a crap ton of money off a hook-shaped piece of plastic really gets my goat. Especially since it's actually a good idea with many practical applications, such as carrying the 37 plastic bags Safeway uses to load my 37 grocery items, and the 37 shirts I have to take to the dry cleaner on account of having dripped Beef & Broccoli and Mango Sticky Rice from Yummi Thai on them. Dammit! Why do I continue trying to come up with ways to make humans glow rather than keeping my ideas simple and easy to make in China for 1/10th of a cent from high density polyethylene?

OK, fine. Mighty Handle are made in the USA. From recyclable materials.

The listing here is for a pair of them, each capable of schlepping loads of up to 50 pounds. Bags, hangers, paint cans, small children, anything you can hook, you can Mighty Handle.

The carriers also feature a trademarked Twist-Lock design that will help prevent content spillage during use.

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