Magnetic Goose Helper

Posted: March 12, 2020
Magnetic Goose Helper
$30 - $45
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Not only is there someone out there who 3D prints these Magnetic Goose Helpers to order, but that someone goes by the name, "Nihilist Grandma." Ha! I've got just one thing to say: Nihilist Grandma, load up the PLA and goose me!

The Magnetic Goose Helper is quackin' Mother's Day gift! at me so loud I feel like I'm about to lay a golden egg. On my mama. Oh how she'll love to have Goosey McGooserson here hold her sewing scissors. And her little paring knife. And the keys to her liquor cabinet, which she still locks before I come over.

Obviously the Magnetic Goose Helper's helpful magnet is embedded in its beak. Nihilist Grandma calls the magnet "comically strong," and says even a 1-pound object won't come close to cooking its goose.

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