KeySmart Compact Key Holder

Posted: December 09, 2014
KeySmart Compact Key Holder
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This Swiss Army tool will grant you access to Warren Buffett's safe deposit box, Chuck Norris' weapons stash, and Angelina Jolie's sex toy box. I mean, if you have the key and all. The KeySmart is a keychain designed to hold between 2 and 100 keys tidily, compactly, and jingle-free. It will fit and fold out of sight almost any key found at your local hardware store, plus car keys, car fobs, keychains, and other accessories with an included attachment.

Handmade in Chicago, KeySmart organizers have an "S" design that stores keys neatly in a stack hidden inside its pair of aircraft aluminum plates and stainless steel hardware. Adding/removing keys is simple with the use of a coin and a few hand cranks. Distinguishing which key is which will require a little more left brain activity, or the help of a Sharpie.

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