Hang on for Dear Life Storage Jars

Posted: December 27, 2017
Hang on for Dear Life Storage Jars
$26 - $36.95
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Poor Gianni. Stuck in a jar with 2 choices: hang on for dear life; or die drowned in flour. Skewered on skewers. Snuggled to death by Q-Tips.

Gianni Jars take typical sealed storage containers to typical Alessi levels of fun and silliness. Alessi is also responsible for the Juicy Salif twist on the kitchen citrus squeezer and, for the bathroom, the funky Otto Dental Floss Dispenser. Gianni Jars are suitable for storing items in both locales, as well as beads and ribbons in craft cabinets, and nuts, bolts, screws, and nails in the garage.

The jars in this listing come in 3-3/4-, 6-, and 8-1/2-cup sizes, and 4 different colors of thermoplastic resin lid with dangling Gianni.

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