Dangling Animal Hanging Hooks

Posted: August 24, 2022
Dangling Animal Hanging Hooks
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While I normally wouldn't trust a monkey to hold my bananas or a cat to hold my houseplant any more than I'd trust a jewel thief to hold my Rolex, I feel like these Monkey and Cat Magic Tension Balance Hangers from Artori Design are pretty reliable little dudes. Because, for one, they look very committed to the task of hooking and holding anything from fruit to flora to keys to coats. And for another, they are inanimate and made of metal.

In addition to being stinkin' cute, these dangling animal hanging hooks earn the "Magic" in their name for the optical illusion they create using few materials and the laws of physics. To "install" the monkey or kitty, all you have to do is place the former's upper hand and latter's back paws on any flat surface, and allow balance to take over as you hang your items from the opposite end. A great gift for girlfriends or kids.

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