Console Vaults

Posted: January 18, 2016
Console Vaults
$279 - $289
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You're 10 minutes away from 12-gauge cold rolled plate steel. Console Vault makes truck / SUV console safes that slide in and secure to factory console bolts in an easy 10 minutes. Welded tab and notch seams, a 3-point, pry-resistant locking system, and rear locking pins just like those used on bank vault doors add to the impenetrability of the safes' hardy steel composition. Once your valuables are inside, parking lot window smashers and punk kids from the neighborhood aren't getting jack back out.

No matter how many Jr. Bacon Cheeseburgers Jack promises them.

Console Vault designs safes for a variety of vehicle makes and models. Just a few examples: Ford F-250 / F-350; Chevrolet Silverado; GMC Yukon; Toyota Tundra; Dodge Ram; Lincoln Navigator. Most safes come with your choice of keyed barrel or keyless combination lock.

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