Wooden Whale Pendant Light

Posted: February 18, 2022
Wooden Whale Pendant Light
$89 - $332
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Whale, whale, whale, what do we have here? This Wooden Whale Pendant Light from Beavers Craft will certainly make a splash as your new living or dining room chandelier, not to mention the perfect follow-up encounter for guests who have just been greeted by your Whalecum Mat.

The overhead Whale Lights come in 3 sizes, from Baby to Big Mama, or 19.7", 29.5", and 39.4". Beavers Craft also sells wooden Whale Wall and Tabletop Lamps, as well as fixtures pre-assembled, or sold as DIY kits. Whale Lights include a wire with switch and socket; the type of light bulb you use to illuminate your whale is up to you.

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