Socket Fanlight

Posted: July 09, 2023
Socket Fanlight
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A ceiling fan, plus an LED light, that installs in seconds by screwing into your existing ceiling light socket?! Damn, Socket Fanlight, talk about a real cool, light bulb moment!

The Socket Fanlight wraps a 15.75" ceiling fan around a 1,000-lumen LED light bulb, so you can enjoy some airflow with your illumination without the DIY knowhow and hassle that might otherwise accompany this type of upgrade. Installing the Socket Fanlight is as easy as, say it with me...pie.

In addition to whatever light switch situation you've got, you can control the Socket Fanlight with an included 3-button remote. One turns the entire unit on / off, and the other two are light- and fan-specific. The light button cycles through 3 brightness modes, and can turn on / off the light only. Similarly, the fan button has 3 power modes, and can turn on / off the fan only.

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