REVEAL Sunlight & Window Simulation Lighting

Posted: January 21, 2020
REVEAL Sunlight & Window Simulation Lighting
$280 - $320
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Whether you're missing the window, missing the sunlight, missing the trees, or just missing that je ne sais quoi in your household decor, REVEAL by illumination maestro Adam Frank will shine some unique and charming ambient light on the solution to your problem.

REVEAL lighting is an artful optical illusion that casts an LED or halogen image of sunlight shining through a window on your wall. The light also dances just enough to build the impression of a gentle breeze moving through the shadow of trees outside. Wicked cool, Adam Frank, wicked cool.

REVEAL projectors come in your choice of bulb, each with 5 window slides and 5 styles of view. You can mix and match the windows and views to create 25 different swell simulated lighting combinations.

Frank says his REVEAL projections cannot be recreated by another device. He uses multi-plane analog images to establish a more authentic depth of focus, and natural air currents that run through the projector to get the organic, non-repeating movement of light you'll see in the background.

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