Retro VHS Cassette Lamp

Posted: September 13, 2020
Retro VHS Cassette Lamp
$20.03 - $33.40
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Handmade by Nancy's Jars, these retro VHS Cassette Lamps have found a VCR-free way to bring your favorite films in your favorite format back to your living room. The lights come in dozens of different movie titles, from Alien above to Top Gun, Star Wars, and The Big Lebowski, or you can make a custom request for one you don't see in the shop.

In addition to films, Nancy's Jars can repurpose a VHS cassette into a glowing band, actor, or personalized photo lamp.

Lamps are fitted with LED lights, the color of which you can choose from a neon set of 8. All VHS cassettes are battery-powered, but you can also pick whether those batteries are AA, or rechargeable USB.

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