Posable Stick Figure Floor Lamp

Posted: June 28, 2021
Posable Stick Figure Floor Lamp
$95.99 - $107.87
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This posable stick figure floor lamp might be just the thing to shed some light on your life. Or at least on the WFH office you had to set up in a dark corner of the basement. And not only the kind of light shining out from an E26 socket and included LED bulb, but the kind of inspirational light of having a silent partner there to encourage and support you. To stand in deep thought or scratch his head with you. To gesture towards your latest and greatest piece of work. To help you practice your power pose.

The 63" tall stick figure floor lamp has a slim, minimalist design that tucks easily into corners and behind furniture. It is jointed at its shoulders, elbows, waist, hips, and ankles for bending into countless poses and gestures. And, like a field of illuminated dreams, if you build the posable stick figure floor lamp, it will come*. In teak. In ash. In walnut. In green. In orange. In glory, all of them.

*That's a dramatic and inspiring way of saying the posable stick figure floor lamp requires full assembly, which may or may not go smoothly.

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