Nymphs Coconut Shell Projection Lamps

Posted: May 10, 2015
Nymphs Coconut Shell Projection Lamps
$219 - $499
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Forget the magic mushrooms, someone get me a coupla coconut shells and a drill. That's all Vainius Kubilius needs anyway to take us on this fantastically lit journey through space and time. His Nymphs, table and floor lamps made of snaking bases and drilled coconut shell heads, project their light in surreal, hypnotizing patterns across any surface they touch. If you like mood lighting, you won't want to miss a browse through these veritable atmospheric trips.

Like most great spectacles, the inner workings of Nymphs Lamps remain hidden. Kubilius solders together their wires, plugs, switches, bulb sockets, and transformers in complete containment, wrapping the Nymphs' metal wire bodies in suede and varnished corks to give them a mysterious, snakelike look, and sensual feel. To complete the lamp heads he drills about a thousand small holes in his coconut shell medium, creating ornate designs that go from exquisite at their origin to dramatic and downright Alice in Wonderland at their projected landing points.

Kubilius says, "I'd love to think that my lamps are some sort of aphrodisiac that will create more passion in peoples lives." I think we'd all love to think that, dude. And I also think if it's actually true you're going to sell big fat Santa Claus sack of lamps.

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