Motion Activated Under-Bed Lighting

Posted: November 06, 2013
Motion Activated Under-Bed Lighting
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These mylight.me under-bed LED strips have motion sensors so that when I have to take my clockwork whizz at 3:00 a.m., I can be considerate of my snoozing imaginary girlfriend without fear of rib fracture from the corner of my dresser that sticks out half an inch too far. The package includes two 4' light strips, each with 48 diodes and 3M self-adhesive for easy mounting. A combined motion and light sensor is fitted with a shut-off timer programmable for anywhere between 30 seconds and 10 minutes.

mylight.me LEDs emit soft, white, ambient lighting at 2700 Kelvin. Kelvin. Such a sweet word. And one I've heard thrown about many times in my life. Still, as a way of relaying information it means basically nothing to me. It's like telling me the temperature in Celsius or giving me directions in Russell Brand's accent. The under-bed light strips are also put to fine use beneath a baby's crib, bathroom vanity, kitchen counters, dressers, or any installation along which you tend to tread in the dark.

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