Moon & Planet Lamps

Posted: April 13, 2017
Moon & Planet Lights
$88.15 - $143.25
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Sleep under the light of the moon even on stormy nights, and enjoy the orange blaze of Jupiter without making futile attempts to go to Jupiter with one of these sweet spherical lamps from Pulsar Moonlight. Each is a unique piece handmade by their (astrophysicist and yoga teacher) artist according to your tastes and preferences.

The shading techniques used in the Moon Lamp shown above create its hundreds of craters and hills, and the shadow of the satellite. The physical light has a texturized surface, with a sphere made of plastic and paint covering of atossic acrylic and water-based lacquer. Pulsar Moonlight says the lamps are resilient to falls, scratches, and the weather. You can use them inside or out.

In addition to the Moon Lamp, you can also see a Neptune and Jupiter Lamp in the image gallery. Lamps can come with a black or white base for setting on a table, or in a suspension version with no base.

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