Mood Lights - Image Projecting Bulbs

Posted: January 02, 2013
Mood Lights - Image Projecting Bulbs
$25 - $45
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Felicia of MoodLights created her trippy projection bulbs almost two decades ago in a sweeping display of necessity serving as mother of invention. After her parents denied a plea to paint a mural on her bedroom walls, she started experimenting with light bulbs. And nail polish. Now I'm no chemist, or really very smart about anything at all, but right about here I sensed a formaldehyde-scented punchline coming.

The first time Felicia nail-polished a 100-watt bulb it--oh yeah--burst into flames immediately upon lighting. But, demonstrating Rudy-like perseverance, she kept at it. A year-and-a-half, and many further experiments, later she found a medium and a coating that, together 1) beamed her creations in glorious macrocosm across the walls and 2) did it without burning her parents' house down.

Now her Mood Lights come in a panoply of patterns and scenes primed to glow either on vertical structural surfaces, or within any style of white lamp shade. Spirals, spectrums, and smiley faces will bring joy to kiddies and stoners alike, plus make vibey additions to parties and sexy time. Holidays such as Halloween and Christmas also have accompanying high-wattage designs projecting snowmen, holly, bats, ghosts, and pumpkins. I kind of dig the solar-powered LED garden stakes that blaze spectral colors across lawns and entry paths. Uh, I mean, I would dig them if I were a girl. But since I'm an Alpha Male, I would definitely pick the Skull & Crossbones installation.

Mood Light paint is guaranteed never to melt, burn, fade, peel, crack, bubble, chastise, smoke, smell, belittle, or call you a slacker. It will not offgas or emit toxic fumes of any kind. So you can't blame Mood Light paint like you do the dog post-fart. Felicia also warrants her light bulbs for the first year of use, promising that if they burn out, she'll give you a free one. Their average life span is 3 to 5 years with 8 hours of daily use.

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