Magbulb Magnetic Light Bulb Socket

Posted: December 26, 2019
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Sure, light bulb jokes exist because screwing in a light bulb is supposed to be the easiest task in the world. But the Magbulb magnetic light bulb socket exists because even the easiest task in the world can become a giant pain in the illuminated glass when you're light fixture is at the top of a 15' ceiling, or is designed like a contortionist's cage. Or you have a disability or chronic arthritis pain. Or you'd just like the convenience of being able to change almost any light bulb with one hand. Tossed in the air, if you've got good aim like the guy below.

The Magbulb plastic adapter consist of 2 parts: one screws into your fixture's socket permanently, creating a magnetic receptacle; and the other attaches to the light bulb itself (it's reusable after the bulb burns out). Both pieces are fireproof, non-combustible plastic, compatible with all E26 / 27 bulbs and socket.

In addition to bringing ease and sheer joy to the changing of a light bulb, Magbulb endeavors to make the process safer for those using a ladder to do the deed, plus those with old or finicky fixtures / electrical systems who might otherwise be susceptible to a broken bulb or electrocution.

Magbulbs are seeking crowdfunding here on Kickstarter through January 11, 2020. Backers can choose from Magbulbs shipped in packs of 3 up to those bundled by the 50.

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