LUNALUXX Levitating-Disc-Activated Lamp

Posted: April 16, 2015
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What you can see very clearly is that the LUNALUXX is a lamp with a levitating disc. And if you understand the laws of physics, or have been following man's continued attempts to develop Hoverboard technology, you can probably also guess that the levitating disc is held aloft not by magic, but by magnets. What's less obvious, but even cooler, about the LUNALUXX is that its disc isn't just there for visual effect. It actually controls the lamp's operation, turning it on when inserted and off when removed. Check out the GIF to see for yourself.

LUNALUXX builds on its minimalist design and magnetic suspension "hook" by incorporating remote-phosphor lighting technology into its functionality. The disc itself contains phosphor, a substance that can pair with a blue LED light to absorb the blueness, and then re-emit white light. In this case the blue LED is situated in the LUNALUXX lamp's base, where it upwardly projects an invisible blue LED beam. When the phosphor-laced disc is inserted and suspended, it immediately sucks up the beam and spits back out warm, white light in all directions.

You can read more about LUNALUXX tech and the building process on the lamp's Kickstarter campaign page. There you can also pledge for your own levitating disc light through May 26, 2015.

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