Lumio Book Lamp

Posted: November 25, 2015
Lumio Book Lamp
$225 - $259.99
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Max Gunawan designed Lumio to represent his appreciation for minimalist design and, as an architect, his motivation to optimize the use of small spaces. I bet he's enjoyed a few illuminating books in his life too. Lumio is a desk lamp...or a wall lamp, or a ceiling lamp...with a hard-cover book exterior whose Tyvek pages open to reveal up to 360 degrees of LED light.

A lone Lumio will sit on a table or nightstand to serve as an accent or, obviously, reading light. The book lamp also comes with magnetic wooden pegs for mounting one or more on the wall (it can even tackle corners), plus a leather strap for dangling overhead.

As you would expect, the Lumio alights when opened and shuts off when closed (I'm unclear as to whether you can switch off the light when the book is still open). It is cordless and rechargeable courtesy of an Li-ion battery and micro-USB charger. Original Lumios measure 8.5" tall x 7" wide x 1.25" thick and are available with Walnut or Maple covers. Newly added Mini Lumio+ models, better suited for traveling and camping, come in Yellow / Navy, Red / Gray, and Orange / Black.

Lumio has won a novel's worth of awards, including a 2015 Red Dot for Product Design.

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