Luminoodle LED TV Backlight

Posted: November 08, 2016
Luminoodle LED TV Backlight
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If you've been using your noodle you've probably learned how valuable a bendy rope of lights can be. And now your flexible, adaptable, bright-burning noodle has a new form with yet another application: TV backlighting. The Luminoodle TV sticks around the perimeter of the back of your flat screen to provide ambient lighting during viewing. It's an alternative to dealing with the glare of a lamp turned on in front of the television, and helps eliminate the eye strain and dryness that can come with watching a bright screen in a dark room.

The Luminoodle TV Backlight strip measures 118", which they say is suitable for TVs of any size, from 50" to 70"+. Lights are true-white LEDs that output 375 lumens of bias lighting. They turn on and off with your TV, powered through a reversible USB plugged into one of its ports.

In addition to improving illumination quality, Luminoodle says LED bias lighting will create sharper images and color contrast to further enhance the viewing experience. It will also make your room look theatrical and purdy.

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