LampChamp USB Lamp Socket Charger

Posted: July 12, 2016
LampChamp USB Lamp Socket Charger
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I couldn't figure out at first what was drawing me to the LampChamp. Sure, it's a light bulb adapter that adds a USB charging port, plus an On/Off switch, to any lamp you've got. And I also got the scoop that LampChamp is giving buyers an additional 15% off its Amazon purchase price through July 31, 2016--enter the promotion code OFTBALMG in the "Payment Method" area at checkout. But there was something else about LampChamp, something about the name itself that warmed my heart. (Yes, I know it rhymes, my girlfriend already pointed that out. Geez.)

This morning I figured it out. "LampChamp" sounds like "Lamb Chop." The beloved sock puppet of my youth! Do you remember this guy? Or maybe it's a girl. My mama watched the Lamb Chop show when she was a kid, and then passed the joy onto me. Just like Old Yeller. Except that wasn't joyous at all. It was horrible. The saddest movie I ever saw. I think I still resent her a little bit for showing it to me.

Welp, now that my day is pretty much ruined thinking about poor rabid Old Yeller, back to the LampChamp. This device puts USB charging ports and standard length cords within easy reach, particularly for those who like to charge and talk / browse simultaneously. Screw the LampChamp into an empty lamp socket, and then screw your regular light bulb into the LampChamp. Done.

LampChamps can power and charge phones, tablets, eReaders, or any other device with a USB input. The charger portion of the attachment is always on, whether the corresponding light bulb is or not.

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