Jellyfish Lamps

Posted: December 29, 2012
Jellyfish Lamps
$325 - $425
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I got stung by a jellyfish once in the evil waters of Florida's Gulf Coast. On the ankle. Yeah, the stories are true. It hurts like a mother. I don't know how Will Smith did it in Seven Pounds, aka The Saddest Movie Ever Made That You Should Never, Ever Watch for the First Time on an Airplane. Anyway, what's not true is that having someone pee on the affected area will make the burning venom of the jellyfish subside. What does help is getting in the shower and dousing it with the hottest water you can stand, and then drinking a jar of Apple Pie Moonshine.

As you can imagine, Roxy Russell Designs' Medusae Collection of jellyfish lamps do not evoke very pleasant memories for me. However, in a rare moment of clarity, I realized not everything is about me. Just most things. But in this case, it's about you. It's about presenting you with these translucent mylar pendant lights because you might not think jellyfish are the spawn of a vengeful Kraken. You might think they are cool and beautiful.

If so, grab your wallet and take your pick from 4 airy, cascading tentacled designs: Medusa; Polyp; Hydra; and Ophelia. Jellyfish lights are made of a gloss white, powder-coated aluminum, and velum finished with polyester mylar. Dimensions are 13" in diameter and 36" long. All lamps arrive packaged flat; assemble by connecting their (supposedly) precision cut mylar pieces.

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