Jellyfish Hanging Lights

Posted: February 05, 2015
Jellyfish Hanging Lights

Oh sure, glowing rainbow jellyfish lights dangling from the ceiling are all well and good until someone runs into one and it gets entangled in his left arm, inflicting pain so indescribable he must literally beg his friend Cornelius to pee on him and...uh...oh. I'm sorry. Seeing this strand of lifelike LED jellyfish must have triggered a daymare about...something that never happened to me. Ever. And even if it did, it definitely did not result in my allowing my friend Cornelius to pee on my arm.

The jellyfish light strand has 9 jellyfish ranging from 1" to 3" in size, each fitted with a bright color-changing LED embedded in its center that slowly cycles through all of its hues. The entire set is suspended from a handmade, flame-treated copper fixture with a rainbow patina.

Jellyfish artiste Chelsea Darling also sells a white light strand of jellyfish, as well as jellyfish travel buddies that dangle from your car's rearview mirror, in her Ellipsis Fish Etsy shop.

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