Hunter Fan Retractable Blade Ceiling Fan

Posted: February 09, 2016
Hunter Fan Retractable Blade Ceiling Fan
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Not that fan blades really get in the way of anything--except my hand when I'm trying to change my shirt and they're moving--but I still appreciate the subtleness of Hunter Fan's transparent and retractable design.

When switched off the ceiling fan's blades automatically retract and conceal themselves on top of their motor. The effect: a "tidier" room aesthetic and blades that collect less dust. The unit also features a contemporary pendant light fixture, functional with a 32-watt CFL bulb whether the fan is on or off.

Hunter Fan is, uh, a fan of the unobtrusive in its retractable model's operation too. They constructed it with a small extended blade diameter and whisper wind motor to deliver powerful air movement without a lot of whooshing and creaking. You'll have remote dominance over fan movement and pendant brightness with a 3-speed, full-range light-dimming controller.

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