Hug Lamp

Posted: January 09, 2022
Hug Lamp
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A warm 'n' fuzzy embrace makes for warm 'n' fuzzy table lighting in the Hug Lamp by Mark Mitchell. Mitchell designed the lamp in response to the pandemic, and his personal experience of being separated from his girlfriend and friends for over 16 months due to travel restrictions. That the huggers in the Hug Lamp aren't actually hugging might be symbolic of Mitchell's inability to make a physical connection with his loved ones.

Or perhaps it's the 2 fur-humans practicing responsible social distancing in their own interaction.

Speaking of fur, the fur covering the Hug Lamp is vegan-friendly, and there to add the tactile element to the lamp that is so key to the hug it represents. Mitchell also believes it enhances the coziness of the Hug Lamp's presence in your chosen room.

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