High Neon Sign

Posted: March 03, 2016
High Neon Sign
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Hey, it's a neon sign that tells you where on the wall to hang it. Or maybe it's deeper than that. Maybe this neon sign is telling you what you are.

High on life, of course.

Neon is an expensive element to work with, particularly bending and shaping it within the confinement of hand-crafted glass tubes. But for a limited time, you can get this "High" neon sign for 58% off from Dude Exclusives. Even if you don't think it applies to you and your, uh, preferred pastimes, think of how many other non-stoner applications a bright teal green glowing "High" has. A pick-me-up when you're low. A misspelled greeting. A bit of irony when placed on the wall next to the dropped portion of the ceiling your friend Cornelius always hits his head on when he comes over.

The High Neon Sign has 2 pre-drilled holes for hanging and a 6' power cord with On / Off switch.

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