Floating Lamp

Posted: September 30, 2012
Floating Lamp
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Crealev designer Angela Jansen has taken a machete to boring old lamp shades, and thrown in some magnet magic to keep their hacked off top half afloat after the attack. The Silhouette, a conical shade, and the Eclipse, a more modern geometric incarnation, mark the first levitating lamps to hit the world of home decor.

The lamps' integrated levitation technology consists of electromagnetic components and a perpetually communicative control system encouraging the top chunk to suck it up and maintain its position hovering above the bottom. Lighting is LED, which makes the Silhouette and Eclipse low in power consumption in addition to being rad to the max. Touch sensors allow for fingertip adjustment of wattage output intensity.

The Silhouette rises from a handcrafted wooden base with a high-gloss black finish. Its shade comes in matte black fabric with pearl white inner sid furnishing, and light flows the split's "horizon" with the help of a mirror covering the lower piece. The Eclipse has a glass footing, with shades available in either matte black or silver gloss finishes.

Other specs are as follows:

  • The fabric covered power cord is 6-1/2' long, and connected to the universal power adaptor with a power cable measuring 6' long.
  • The standard universal power adaptor has an EU, two-pins power plug, but US power adaptors can be ordered.
  • Light intensity is 300 Lux.
  • Power consumption is 3W on standby (only levitation feature on), and 15W when the LEDs are fully on.

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