Color-Changing LED Light Bulb with Remote

Posted: October 30, 2013
$8.86 - $15.42
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Some acid trip mood lighting to complement your acid trip pillow? Together, they're guaranteed to satiate seekers of a psychedelic, yet drug-free lifestyle. And since HitLights' color-changing LED bulbs come with a remote control, they'll even support the sedentary groove of all who thrive off of chilling on the sofa, watching Mother Nature's and man's handiwork alike morph into unicorn-spewing rainbows. Or is it rainbow-spewing unicorns?

These 3W color-changing light bulbs transition through 16 different hues at the controller's behest. Choose to hang with static red, blue, and cohorts, or select a cycle-through of the visible spectrum with one of four different animation effects. HitLights' LED bulbs have non-glass, no-shatter designs, 25,000-hour lifespans, and 1-year warranties. Available screw-in bases include a standard E26 (can be used in most fixtures), a GU10, and an MR16.

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