CoeLux Artificial Skylights

Posted: April 27, 2016
CoeLux Artificial Skylights

If it looks like a skylight and emanates like sunlight and makes you feel like you're on a snow white beach in the Mediterranean when you close your eyes, but you know in your heart it's all an illusion of technological trickery, can a CoeLux artificial skylight still bring you happiness on a cloudy day? Energy in a boxed-in meeting room? Total relaxation in the tub?

I'd be willing to give it a shot if someone wants to pony up the $65K it would take to buy and install one in my ceiling.

Yes, the cost to replicate Mother Nature this precisely is inordinate. It's almost as if CoeLux created their true effect skylights for the extremely narrow demographic of dudes who made a killing in the tech industry, retired at 40, and now spend most of their hours playing video games in the basement. Every once in a while they consider going outside, but that would mean leaving the basement and, oh hey! CoeLux just offered to bring the outside in for barely a drop in their net worth bucket.

I suppose companies with similar disposable incomes and cavernous offices could install CoeLux skylights too.

The lights come in 4 different styles, each with the intent of mimicking natural sunlight, a blue sky, and "its infinite depth." In addition to ambient lighting, CoeLux installations contain a focused burst of "sun" that shines through the opening and onto your ceiling or wall.

CoeLux 45 skylights have a 45-degree solar elevation angle and come in square or rectangular shapes. For more of a tropical light, the CoeLux 60 shines at a 60-degree solar elevation angle.

Muchas danke to Bless This Stuff.

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