66-Hour Cordless Lamp

Posted: August 11, 2020
66-Hour Cordless Lamp
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How does the 66-hour cordless lamp burn for a whopping 66 hours per 1-1/2-hour charge? Simple. The little green men living inside juice it up.

Desk lamp? More like desk UFO, with eerie color-changing LEDs to accompany its strange and enduring illumination powers. According to Hammacher Schlemmer, a retailer that, in my opinion, exaggerates the properties and benefits of every product they sell, namely by preceding every single item with the importance qualifier "the," as in the Robert DeNiro, or the Kermit the Frog, or in this case the award winning 66-hour cordless lamp, and...um...this sentence kinda got away from me. What did I start out trying to say?

Oh yes, that Hammacher Schlemmer says the 66-hour cordless lamp is the "cordless table lamp sought by resorts in Dubai and Monte Carlo." So if the nearly-3-day charge and the preferences of fancy international resorts are what's important to you, voila! You've just seen the light. So go ahead, go towards it. Go towards the light.

Say hi to the little green men for me.

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