Kentucky Double Cigar Ashtray & Coaster

Posted: June 21, 2019
Kentucky Double Cigar Ashtray & Coaster
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This Kentucky Double doesn't go in your glass, it goes under it. The cigar ashtray and coaster combo is a patented design handmade in the US out of 6061 aircraft grade aluminum, FAS grade hardwood, full-grain leather, and Kerckhaert King's Plate racing horseshoes.

Kentucky Double Cigar Ashtray & Coaster begin as 4" thick bar stocks of aluminum. Those are machined into two connected rounds that are then covered in your choice of walnut, cherry, or oak hardwood. Finishing touches come courtesy of an embossed leather "Kentucky Double" liner on the coaster, and an authentic Kerckhaert King's Plate horseshoe encircling the ashtray.

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