Couchmaster CYBOT Ergonomic Lap Desk

Posted: April 01, 2020
Couchmaster CYBOT Ergonomic Lap Desk

Open your laptops and open your laps to the Couchmaster CYBOT, an ergonomic lap desk for gamers, work-from-homers, social media socialites, online shoppers, and internet trolls alike. Designed specifically for high-output notebooks, the Couchmaster CYBOT doesn't just provide an anatomically-friendly design for use on a couch or in a chair, but it also brings a special ventilation grille to the table - literally. The top surface of the lap desk has a large circular grill cut out to encourage optimal cooling of gaming notebooks measuring up to 17".

The 2 side arms of the Couchmaster CYBOT are cushioned limb rests, covered in Kevlar and military pixel fabric. They have side bags stitched in for holding power supplies, gaming controllers, remotes, and other accessories. At the front edge of the lap desk are ergonomic wrist pads, and beyond that a repositionable mouse pocket and a tablet holder.

The Couchmaster CYBOT frame is made from sustainable, ethically sourced bamboo.

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