Giveaway: Urbantrike Adult Big Wheel

Posted: August 15, 2013

Enter to win your very own Atticus big boy big wheel, courtesy of Urbantrike (a $495 value)! The ultimate low-riding cruiser for adults will be awarded to one lucky Dude reader drawn at random. Just fill out the entry form below and then Like, Follow, and Tweet your way to up to 6 chances to win. Keep reading to discover just how worth 2 minutes of your time an Urbantrike will be.

This giveaway is open to CONTINENTAL US RESIDENTS ONLY. Sorry guys, shipping restrictions make it so.

Guess what happens when you grow up. You get to consume alcohol and have sex and not get bossed around by your mama*. But guess what else happens when you grow up. Your tibias/fibulas and femurs also grow up. They get longer and longer and longer until one day, out of nowhere, they're nothing but a pair of permanently affixed, wormy-looking monsters. Suddenly, it's no more Sit 'n' Spin, no more Dumbo ride at Disneyworld, and no more big wheel! You sit down and try to pedal, you give yourself a bloody nose with your own knee, you attempt to get back out but find that you're stuck and in need of EMT assistance. You think to yourself, This is a crock of shit! Or if you are too young and sheltered to have learned that word yet, Waaah! No fair! And the School of Hard Knocks just pats you on the back and says, We all gotta grow up some day, kiddo.

That's when you tell the School of Hard Knocks to suck it, and go talk to Urbantrike. Too big for a big wheel? they'll say. No problem. Big wheels are for babies anyway. You need something that will celebrate your extended appendages. You need a MAN TRIKE!

Urbantrike's 3-wheeled cruisers transform childhood classics into luxe vehicles of thrill and debauchery for adults. Each man-sized big wheel cushes up and improves upon the juvenile version with:

  • Freespin 20", 38-spoke front wheels calibrated for smooth downhill and coasting runs.
  • High-grade, 1.5" .095-gauge steel tubing for durability and tight tolerances.
  • Fully padded 18" wide vinyl seats for comfort.
  • XL tolerances with a steel frame and rear hubs rated to tote kids at heart (and heart alone) weighing over 500 pounds. Or normal-sized kids and heart and their friend Cornelius.
  • 10" long sliding seat tracks to ensure a perfect fit for butts with any length of lower-half protrusions.
  • Customization options, including trike frame color, handlebar color, and handlebar style.

Urbantrike currently offers 3 big wheel models: the Bailey; the Atticus; and the Adairicus. For Dude's giveaway, they are supplying the Atticus, a hot rod-inspired tricycle with a fat front tire, chromed out alloy rears, and a dropped frame. It also has a removable rear axle to compact the trike enough to store in a closet or fit in the trunk of your car. Check it out in orange in the photos above, and see more of all 3 models on Urbantrike's Kickstarter page.

Urbantrike's adult big wheel campaign runs on Kickstarter through September 20, 2013. Pledge amounts ranging from $395 (Bailey with choice of color and handlebars) to $1,895 (complete custom build) return trikes of various styles, customization options, and pimped outedness.

*Unless your mama is still paying your Internet and cell phone bills, and letting you live in her house rent-free, in which case getting bossed around by her is kind of an even tradeoff.

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