Giveaway: Liquid Metal "Terminator" Watch

Posted: August 21, 2017
Liquid Metal "Terminator" Watch

I'll be bahhck...at 2 p.m. Track the countdown to Termination, keep yourself running on time, or just get hypnotized by the droplets of Metallium gliding around your clock face. Click here and enter to win a Terminator-inspired Liquid Metal Watch. A $300 value from Tokyoflash!

This giveaway is open to entrants worldwide.

About the Liquid Metal "Terminator" Watch

According to Tokyoflash, "The Liquid Metal Watch is a world first." Japan's futuristic watch company has developed and incorporated into their latest timepiece a material called Metallium. This metal substance displays as drops of liquid, some of which float freely like molten metal around the watch face, and two of which move only to (how?! how?!) reflect the current time.

Check out the video in the image gallery above to see the Liquid Metal Watch do its thing.

Inspiration for the industrial case and face, and glistening, gliding innards of the Liquid Metal Watch came from the Terminator movies. Tokyoflash has developed the edition in Black here and Silver here, each with a choice of Black, Silver, Red, or Blue Metallium inside. The watches also come with a choice of leather or stainless steel strap.

Reading the time on a Liquid Metal Watch is simple: the fixed drop on the outer portion of its face denotes the hour, and the one in the inner circle shows the approximate minute.

Liquid Metal "Terminator" Watch Giveaway Entry Instructions

To register, click here and fill out the Liquid Metal "Terminator" Watch Giveaway entry form. Or, if you're already a member of DudeIWantThat.com, when the magic entry form button appears, just click it to enter.

Giveaway prize includes 1 x Tokyoflash Liquid Metal Watch in winner's choice of Black or Silver, and choice of metal and band color. Retail value is $299.

The Liquid Metal "Terminator" Watch Giveaway entry period is open through 11:59 p.m. ET on Sunday, August 27, 2017. Our drawn winner will be contacted by email within 48 hours of the entry period's conclusion, and will have 12 hours to respond and claim his/her prize. (Should we not hear back from a drawn winner in the specified time period, a new winner will be drawn and contacted.)

Winner should allow 4 to 6 weeks for prize delivery.

Once winners are drawn and confirmed, they will be announced above.

This giveaway is open to entrants worldwide.

Get a Liquid Metal "Terminator" Watch Now

If nothing else, Tokyoflash is known for saying Hasta la vista to traditional timepieces. Their watch collection brims with funky designs and high-tech aesthetics, LEDs, and even time displayed as puzzles none but the wearer can decipher. Click here to get your wrist on a Liquid Metal Watch, or click here to check out the rest of Tokyoflash's online store.

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