Giveaway: Griz Coats

Posted: October 08, 2013
Griz Coats

Our contribution to your Halloween bedecking comes courtesy of yard upon yard of faux fur, wads of foam finessed into the heads of beasts, and the very generous ursine and lupine outerwear enthusiasts at Griz Coat. Enter to win your choice of a Grizzly, Wolf, or Polar Bear Griz Coat (up to a $299 value) delivered to your door just in time for the season's costume parties, trick-or-treating treks, and invitations to members of the opposite sex to forget the rug and just come lie on down on you by the fire.

To register, fill out the entry form below and then Like, Follow, and Tweet your way to up to 5 chances to win. Keep reading to discover just how worth 2 minutes of your time entering to win a Griz Coat will be.

This giveaway is open to US RESIDENTS ONLY. Sorry guys, shipping restrictions make it so.

GRIZZLY BEAR COAT: Time to start collecting your honey. Grizzly Bear Griz Coats' literal and figurative pinnacle, their bear head hoods, run the gamut from work-week practical to weekend lady bait to Wednesday evening lent sweetener reclamation. Griz heads are far lighter and less cumbersome than an actual bear's head...and probably your own head. They're comfy on their foam-lined insides. They're trimmed with eyes, teeth, claws, and a nose realistic enough to give small children unpleasant dreams. And, best of all, they're detachable. You know, so you can sport the head by itself when you're indoors, on the streets of Mexico, or in other places you might get strange looks for wearing a coat.

WOLF COAT: A full-length, faux fur coat with a motherfucking wolf head. On the one hand, the creators of Griz Coats have dissed the brand's icon in favor of this fairytale addition to their line of crafty and menacing mammalian fashion, but on the other, I'm going to get so much more pimp cred dressed as a wolf than I did suited up as a bear. Now bitches will listen up and cower in my presence instead of just cooing and trying to pet me.

POLAR BEAR COAT: Polar Bear coats run $50 more than Grizzly and Wolf Coats. Presumably this increase in cost is directly proportional to the increase in ass you're going to get walking around dressed as all of humanity's favorite creature of nature.

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