Zootility Super Thin Pocket Knife

Posted: July 13, 2021
Zootility Super Thin Pocket Knife
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If you think super thin is super fly, check out Zootility's ST-2, the brand's Super Thin folding pocket knife with a thickness of just 0.125". Oh and also, keep your opinions to yourself because I am sick of skinny jeans, and my wife, She-Ra: Princess of Power, and also Lizzo, will pop you in the nutsack if you insult women who wear a size bigger than 4.

Speaking of jeans and sizes, Zootility designed the Super Thin pocket knife specifically to fit in the front coin pocket of classic denim. Though you can store or EDC the folder anywhere you like, its 3.51" closed length and 1.4 ounce weight make it the perfect little bird...er, blade to nest inside your pants.

The ST-2 is built free of screws and bolts, and is a benefactor of Zootility FlyOff technology, meaning if you forget you're carrying the Super Thin when you get to airport or courthouse security, you can just pop off and forfeit the 2.2" blade, without losing the whole knife. Zootility will have replacement blades available to order when you're back home.

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