TITANER Titanium Folding Pocket Knife

Posted: October 12, 2021
TITANER Titanium Folding Pocket Knife
$35.99 - $39.99
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A falcon, a dragonfly, and a hummingbird walk into a bar. Actually, they slice into a bar. A big fat Snickers bar. And the Falcon, the Dragonfly, and the Hummingbird, all members of TITANER's Titanium Folding Pocket Knife, either eliminate its wrapper so you can chow on down, or cut the Snickers in half because your wife insists on sharing, and you know she'll eat more than her fair share if you try passing it back and forth.

TITANER's Titanium Folding Pocket Knives are tiny, featherweight pieces of EDC made of Grade 5 Titanium, and fitted with #11 carbon steel scalpel blades. The 3 "fly" styles (<--'cause they're all named after creatures with wings) differ only in aesthetics; each is 5.5" long when opened, 3.1" closed, and weighs under 1 ounce.

Falcon, Dragonfly, and Hummingbird Pocket Knife blades are replaceable without tools, and each comes with a starter set of 7. Use the mighty-mite knife for utility tasks ranging from box cutting and package opening, to hobby and craft work.

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