TILI Minimalist Fixed-Blade Pocket Knife

Posted: June 21, 2021
TILI Minimalist Fixed-Blade Pocket Knife
$72 - $138
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TILI. Rhymes with "lily." But this fixed-blade pocket knife ain't no pretty, sweet-smelling flower. Well I mean, it is kind of pretty, and while I doubt the blade has any sort of floral aromas to it, if you like the scent of high-carbon steel...nevermind. The point is, TILI rhymes with "lily," but that's where the similarities end, because TILI is short for "utility," and maker Origin Handcrafted Goods intends you to put its rugged, versatile 2.5" cutting edge to work.

From tip to tail, TILI measures 6" long. Its differentially hardened, high-carbon fixed blade design is built to perform all the tasks a folding knife could, without the possibility of pins coming loose, blades going wobbly, or inaccessible knife components getting gunked up.

Origin Handcrafted Goods has paired the TILI blade with 3 handle styles: skeleton frame; hemp wrapped (in a variety of colors); and whiskey barrel oak wook. Each includes a low-profile leather sheath.

The TILI fixed-blade pocket knife is running as a Kickstarter campaign, and will call to blade enthusiasts and EDC minimalists to back it through July 31, 2021.

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