The Snea-Key Fob Secret Stash Box

Posted: April 12, 2019
The Snea-Key Fob Secret Stash Box
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I hadn't seen the Snea-Key Fob before compiling my list of essential festival season gear and accessories, but if you're into hiding small solids in addition to boozy liquids (the Smuggle Your Booze Sunscreen Flask did make my list) this is one secret stash box no cop, security guard, dad, or other person with the authority to kick you out of somewhere for just wanting to have a good time will ever suspect.

Well, unless they have one of those sniffer dogs. I don't think the Snea-Key Fob is smell-proof.

Some of you might assume I am recommending a Snea-Key Fob Secret Stash Box for the sole purpose of Snea-Keying around with pills, nuggets, or other drugs, but after seeing the covert safe's media photos, I don't think that's the highest and best use of this little prize at all.


It's glitter.

Looking no more conspicuous than the access fob to your 2006 Mazda, a spontaneous glitter bomb lies in wait, ready to drop after any big announcement, any piece of good news, any unexpected celebration, and any time you decide the time is right to seek revenge on a frenemy.

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