The Ridge Summit Knife

Posted: August 04, 2020
The Ridge Summit Knife
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I was trying to pen a catchy opener for The Ridge's Summit Knife based on that Capital One slogan, "What's in your pocket?" but then I looked it up and found the slogan is actually, "What's in your wallet?" and that doesn't seem to work for a folding pocket knife.

But another interesting / tedious tidbit about my efforts to discuss the Summit Knife is that Googling "What's in your pocket?" returns a lot of results about firefighters, and the items they keep in their turnout gear pockets. Examples include a flashlight, wrenches, a glass breaker, a Leatherman, a wire cutter, medical scissors, a door chock, basically, as FireRescue1 puts it, "enough inventory to stock a small hardware store."

And the Summit Knife could indeed be one of those pieces. Modern and minimalist just like The Ridge's flagship slim front pocket wallets, this everyday folder has a multi-purpose 2.75" D2 steel drop point blade that slides into a grade 5 titanium frame lock handle. Closed it measures 3.9" long, and total weight is 5 ounces.

The Summit Knife comes in black or gunmetal.

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