Streamlight KeyMate Key Flashlight

Posted: March 03, 2021
Streamlight KeyMate Key Flashlight
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The Streamlight KeyMate key flashlight will light up the night like...a little Tinkerbell fairy. But, hey, sometimes all you need is Tink guiding the way if you just need to find the keyhole to your front door at night, or the wedding ring you were stupidly fidgeting with while drinking in your mama's backyard on a Saturday night.

The Streamlight KeyMate shines out a 35-lumen strip of light in your choice of high, low, and flashing modes. Its Lithium Polymer battery is rechargeable via micro-USB. In addition to your keychain, the mini key torch can attach to a zipper pull, belt loop, bag strap, or hat via its snap hook.

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