smartDOT EMF Radiation Protectors

Posted: January 11, 2021
smartDOT EMF Radiation Protectors

"Electro-stress." Sure hope that's the biggest stressor I have to worry about this year. The term comes from smartDOT, maker of these energydots they say block the electro-stress-causing EMF radiation emitted from your smartphone, tablet, laptop, baby monitors, and other wireless gadgets.

EMF radiation shields are about as widely available as the lack of scientific proof of their effectiveness, but smartDOTs stand out for being small and low-profile, as well as styled like fun 'n' funky stickers. Fitted with a low-powered magnet, they work - or don't work - by using "an intelligent combination of natural harmonizing frequencies" to reduce the amount of EMF radiation emanating from the wireless device you've stuck your smartDOT to.

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