RoWrite Smart Writing Pad

Posted: July 27, 2018
RoWrite Smart Writing Pad
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Royole's RoWrite is a digitally-enhanced notepad that's bringing handwritten and handmade back. Insert a standard pad of paper into the RoWrite folio, and write or sketch as you normally would. You'll see the ink, but the RoWrite stylus' 2048+ pressure points and its surface's flexible sensor technology will feel strokes it can track and record with pin - or maybe better to say "pen" point accuracy.

When you've finished your first draft, you can call up your piece in the RoWrite app, and edit and enhance it in real time or later, on any compatible device. The app contains various writing instruments that enable users to change stroke thickness, erase, or add up 20 colors.

The RoWrite digital framework secures standard notepads between magnetic guideposts and a tension clip to record accurate pen strokes. The pen itself is a Royole issue, a refillable ballpoint pen with pressure sensor circuitry.

In combination with its app, the RoWrite will allow you to write or sketch anything by hand, from charts and graphs during meetings to elaborate love letters, and then share them in that original, handwritten form. Instantly. No photocopier or United States Postal Service required.

RoWrite is available from Royole or Amazon.

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