PyroVault Lighter Armor

Posted: July 10, 2018
PyroVault Lighter Armor
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PyroVault indeeds sound like a place to lock up your fire. Or, in this case, your fire-flicking lighter. But it also sounds like a place to lock up the fire-flicking light-flicking punk who lit my mama's front yard on fire with a Roman Candle on the 4th of July. It's a good thing I got her a Fire Extinguisher Ball for Mother's Day this year.

No. I did not light my mama's front yard on fire myself just to see whether or not the Fire Extinguisher Ball I got her for Mother's Day really works.

But I was very glad to see that it does.

The PyroVault lighter armor is a rugged, MOLLE-compatible lighter housing that fits Zippos and Zippo-style lighter - fluid and butane torch models - and protects them from the elements. The PyroVault is made of heat-resistant reinforced polymer, and has an O-ring seal to prevent water, dust, and mud seepage, plus minimize evaporation. It's spring-loaded cap enables one-handed operation.

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