Poshland Double Round Edge Dagger Knife

Posted: November 23, 2018
Poshland Double Round Edge Dagger Knife
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Check out my Thanksgiving dinner utensil. When I saw Poshland's RAM-211 Double Round Edge Dagger Knife, I had eyes for neither fork, nor spoon, nor butter blade. It was a little tricky eating my mashed potatoes and gravy, but the turkey, the roasted squash, the pumpkin pie - I speared them just fine.

I joke, I joke. I didn't use Poshland's spiraling dagger to eat my Thanksgiving dinner. I used looking at it online as a way to distract myself from my mother-in-law whiny-grilling my wife and me about having kids.

The RAM-211 is a Damascus-style steel blade hand forged with 176 true layers of 1095 / 15N20 alloy steels. Handle and blade length are both 5", for an overall length of 10". Blade hardness is HRC 58-60.

The dagger comes with a handmade leather sheath and a warning: to buy it, you must be able to certify you're at least 18 years old, legally allowed to purchase and own the dagger, and will not use it to do F'd up shit.

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