Zanco tiny t1 - World's Smallest Mobile Phone

Posted: December 22, 2017
$40 - $52
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The tiny t1 is a mobile phone smaller than just one of the thumbs I'm holding up right now to show my approval of it. Creator Zanco has crowned it the World's Smallest Mobile Phone and, unlike the World's Smallest Violin, I think the tiny t1's title is legit. Especially since this itty bitty telecommunicator is fully functional for talking and texting.

At least in theory. If the whole phone is smaller than my thumb, me holding it up to my ear or typing out a message on its buttons a fraction of the size of my thumbnail would probably go about as well as Wun Wun hitting up afternoon tea at the London Ritz.

In fairness, the main reason Zanco developed the tiny t1 was just to see if they could. Now they're running the phone as a Kickstarter campaign just to see if you, or anyone, would actually want to own one. So far, the answer has been yes, and the tiny t1 is tracking towards at least doubling its $33K funding goal.

What do these people want with a 46.7mm x 21mm x 12mm phone that weighs only 13 grams? Zanco has a few ideas:

An emergency backup.

A jogging / walking / cycling companion that won't bounce around or weigh you down.

A gadget to geek out on, or a geek's Elf on the Shelf or Mensch on a Bench.

A sweet novelty gift.

A conversation starter. Or perhaps the next posing-with-a-tiger phenomenon in online dating profile photos.

The Zanco tiny t1 uses a nano-SIM to with any mobile phone network. Well. Any network that still has 2G. Yes, TWO-G. They couldn't get the tiny so tiny on a faster network.

What Zanco could achieve with the t1: 3 days standby and 180 minutes talk time per charge; 300 phonebook memory; memory for 50 SMS messages; 12.5mm OLED screen; 32 RAM and 32 ROM; micro USB charger.

If you're jonesing for a tiny t1, get your pledge for one in by January 18, 2018.

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