Wallet-Sized Phone Tripod

Posted: November 13, 2022
Wallet-Sized Phone Tripod
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The perfect Instagram post or TikTok video is just a wallet-sized phone tripod away. This ultra-thin, 0.4-ounce phone stand and positioner is a piece of pocket EDC for snapshot snappers and footage fiends of all kinds.

The fold-flat tripod is made of carbon fiber, TPU, and engineered plastics for durability, even, its makers point out, if you use it as a fidget toy. Open up the card by twisting at its center and then flipping up the legs. From there you can both elevate and adjust the angle of any brand of phone / case with a total thickness of 1/2" or less. The tripod's circular rails control phone tilt, plus hold it in place with stability and precision.

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