Turing HubblePhone 5G Multi-Screen Smartphone

Posted: August 13, 2018
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Don't worry, you have until 2020 to raise the nearly $3 grand you'll need to buy Turing's HubblePhone, a mobile device that takes a step back with its clamshell frame, and then about 20 steps forward with its multi-screen design, 5G network, professional-grade camera, built-in gaming console, and voice- or lip-reading-activated AI.

As you'd guess, the HubblePhone takes its name and inspiration from the Hubble Space Telescope. Turing grants the phone is an "ambitious project," but hopes it will have "a significant impact on human civilization in much the same way the Hubble Space Telescope has achieved." Civ-changing capabilities will include:

  • Multi-Dimensional Screen Design. Screens everywhere you look combine with the HubblePhone's camera system to enable users to make calls by saying their intended's name out loud, or just mouthing it, and letting the phone read their lips. An Artificial Reality messaging app makes it possible to send 3D animated messages that will be projected into the recipient's physical surroundings, as well as 3D scanning of real world objects that the Hubble M.I. can transform into 3D AfR stickers.
  • 5G NR Communication. Data speeds up to 50% faster than 4G networks come courtesy of 3GPP's 5G NR. HubblePhone will be able to download or stream 4K video content in seconds. Hubble Show will also be available as a mobile entertainment hub (the world's first, Turing says) with TV shows and music videos formatted specifically for HubblePhone's multi-screen API and 5G NR speed.
  • Professional Videos and Photographs. In another nod to space HubblePhone will come fitted with a micro-space-telescope camera with 15X optical zoom. Turing says its video editing software application will also put the Space Force smackdown on any your current smartphone has.

    HubblePhone also hosts additional cameras across different screen surfaces to accommodate various forms of mobile photography.

  • Mobile Gaming Console. An emotional machine-intelligence chip in the HubblePhone intends to give users a next-gen mobile gaming system. Again, the multiple screens and advanced camera features come into play here, integrating AR, VR, MR, XR and AfR technologies into a cohesive experience.

Turing anticipates releasing the HubblePhone in the US by June 2020 In addition to 5G NR, it will include support for 4G LTE, 3G, and GSM bands.

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