Travel Amp Phone Light Diffuser

Posted: October 20, 2018
Travel Amp Phone Light Diffuser
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Fred & Friends' Travel Amp, a light diffuser for your phone's flashlight, is like most of the company's creations: cute 'n' clever, but more novelty gift than useful addition to your supplies for life.

On the good idea side of the argument, the Travel Amp does perform the service of softening and spreading the beam of light that shines from most smartphones, making it easier to read, or just enjoy a more ambient glow.

But if you're going to latch a silicone lantern onto your phone to diffuse up lighting conditions that will last you through a Steinbeck novel, you better either have a phone battery that defies energy requirements, or have your phone plugged in so you can run its flashlight for more than 10 minutes without the whole thing going black. And if you have an outlet nearby for phone charging, uh, why not just use the other plug for a lamp?

Despite its being a somewhat irrational on the one hand, or superfluous on the other hand design, people seem to dig the Travel Amp phone light diffuser. It probably does well in Secret Santa and White Elephant exchanges, and is also small enough to use as a stocking stuffer. Fred & Friends say the lantern will fit over most small to mid-size smartphones.

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