TinkerBrink LEGO Compatible iPhone Case

Posted: August 30, 2013
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Idle hands are the devil's playground. So I should probably occupy them dicking around with my phone. Or using my all-white LEGO Architecture Studio to build a 1:10 scale replica of Falcor. Or, hey, hey, how about if I do both? Slide a TinkerBrick case over my iPhone, and stack all my LEGOs up and around it. I bet I could even turn the phone's screen into Falcor's eyes like the dude who made that iPhone crab in the photo. "Never give up and good luck will always find you, Bastian." [Eyeroll, eyeroll, eyeroll.]

TinkerBrick cases are available for iPhone models 4, 4S, and 5, plus whatever iPod Touches have those same measurements. I hate how Apple thrives on inconsistency and arbitrary dimensional changes that make my job of relaying factual information exceedingly tedious. LEGO and Megablok bricks connect to TinkerBricks on both the front and back sides of the cases. If you are skilled, or good at following the directions on TinkerBrick.com, it looks like you can use to the phone sleeves to make some pretty spiffy tchotchkes.

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